Easter sight tests for children

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Easter sight tests for children

In the run up to the exam period Douglas & Cobane Opticians are advising parents to use the Easter holidays as an opportunity to arrange for their children to have an eye test. Vision plays a very important role in ensuring children enjoy school and go on to fulfil their academic potential.

Good vision is vital as visual learning accounts for 80% of the learning process. “Some children are inaccurately labelled as slow learners, dyslexic or even troublemakers when in fact they have an undetected vision condition” (Damien Douglas, Optician and owner of Douglas & Cobane Opticians).

It is estimated that as many as 1 in 5 children in the UK currently have an undetected vision problem that could interfere with their ability to learn.

There are a number of tell-tale signs that indicate your child may be experiencing problems with their vision. These include:
• Losing their place while reading
• Experiencing headaches and rubbing the eyes frequently
• Making frequent reversals when reading or writing
• Avoiding close work
• Having poor handwriting
• Holding reading material close
• Red, sore or irritated eyes

“If you recognise any of these symptoms in your child, or he/she has not seen an optician in the last two years it is advisable that you take them for an eye test” Damien said.

Children in Northern Ireland are screened for eye problems within a few weeks of birth, then at two years by the Health Visitor and in Primary 1 by the School Nurse. No further screening takes place after Primary 1. Therefore a comprehensive eye examination by an optician is a must.

Under the NHS an eye examination is available free of charge to all children aged 18 and under if they are in full-time education. So the only investment parents need to make is their time. Parents are also entitled to an optical voucher towards the cost of any glasses or contact lenses should they be prescribed for their child.

Further information on children’s eye health may be found here.

Appointments can be made by calling the practice direct on 02871 343803, or requested through the practice website (contact form).

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